Math Playground: A Short Review


Math Playground is a K-6 platform composed entirely of math games that require skills and deep understanding. It was created by a math teacher and educational consultant and was designed for teachers, classrooms, and individual students in K- 6th grade. The site includes a variety of problems covering algebraic reasoning, geometry, decimals and percents, ratio and proportional relationships, and logic puzzles that can develop quantitative and methodical thinking.

Math playground consists of not just math games but also offers drills, practices, and video lectures on math problems. The games are not only fun and engaging, but the website makes sure every lesson aligns with the Common Core Math Standards.

All games are free, but if you’re a teacher and want to remove the ads for your classroom, you can pay a small amount fee. Math Playground is categorized into six different categories such as Math Games, Logic Games, Math Arcade, Math Videos, and All Games.

Math Playground also provides Google Classroom integration which makes it more applicable during this time of crisis where classes are being done online. Math Playground is a great website if you are looking for an interesting and alternative way to develop your Math skills. It can help students better engage in some Math concepts and let them explore individually.

If you’re interested in Math Playground Visit the Math Playground Website Here!


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