A Review On Math Play, An Online Math Game!


Math Play is an online math game that offers a wide variety of fun games that are designed for elementary and middle grades. Games were based on the game show formats, like Jeopardy, Millionaire, and Deal or No Deal. There are also games which concept are patterned on the games Basketball, Baseball, and Soccer.

Math games offered by Math Play are all free, it is categorized as Elementary Math Games, Middle School Math Games, Classroom Math Games, Interactive Math Games, Algebra Math Games, and Geometry Math Games. These games are all based on the Common Core Math Standards.

Math Play is one of the best websites students should visit since it provides quality games that encourage strategic mathematical thinking and it deepens the understanding of numbers and shapes. This website connects students in a real-world scenario that develop higher-order thinking and problem-solving.

Most parents want their children to be well prepared for school, and games sites such as these, do the job. These kinds of games help in increasing a child’s memory capacity and work within the rules. This is great because it is something that helps children in later life as they develop their logic, their accuracy, and their ability to think outside the box.

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