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A research journal is a systematic record that contains articles written by experts in a particular field of study. Listed below are the local research journals hosted by the different Universities in the Philippines and the Non-governmental organization.


1. University of the Philippines Diliman

Hosted Journals

  • Science Diliman is an internationally refereed semi-annual journal of pure and applied sciences. Results of inter-disciplinary research projects may also be submitted for publication. Papers submitted will undergo a double-blind peer review before final approval for publication.

  • Alipato: A Journal of Basic Education, A Journal of Basic Education, is an annual refereed journal in English and Filipino that aims to disseminate information on trends, developments, and research findings relevant to basic education. 

  • ASIAN STUDIES: Journal of Critical Perspectives on Asia is an open-access, peer-reviewed academic journal published since 1963 by the Asian Center, University of the Philippines Diliman. Promoting original and penetrating research, it offers novel and alternative interpretations of Asian experiences, helps deepen the understanding of the region, and enlivens debates on issues affecting Asian peoples and societies.

  • Hukay is the refereed journal of the University of the Philippines – Archaeological Studies Program. It welcomes articles on the archaeology, ethnoarchaeology, and heritage of the Asia and Pacific regions.

  • The Journal of English Studies and Comparative Literature is published twice a year by the Department of English and Comparative Literature at the University of the Philippines Diliman. It welcomes articles on language, literature, and culture using various theoretical perspectives.

  • Journal in Urban and Regional Planning is the official publication of the UP School of Urban and Regional Planning created for the purpose of disseminating scholarly insight on prevailing issues shaping our urban and rural systems to a wider audience. 

  • The Archive is the official journal of the Department of Linguistics, College of Social Sciences and Philosophy, UP Diliman. The Regular Series of the journal serves as a peer-reviewed publication for original works dealing primarily but not exclusively with Philippine languages and dialects.

  • Diliman Review is one of the refereed journals that draws its contributors mainly from its own pool of UP scholars, creative writers, and artists but also welcomes essays, creative works, reviews, forum/symposium papers from other scholars, and artists.

2. Philippine Normal University

Hosted Journals

  • The Normal Lights is a peer-reviewed journal in education and educational innovations and development, indexed in ASEAN CITATION INDEX (ACI) database. Its mission is to rationalize and bridge the gap between theory and practice in educational systems in the Philippines and beyond. 

  • The Asia Pacific Higher Education Research Journal (APHERJ), an international multidisciplinary refereed journal, publishes quality and high-impact researches addressing issues and concerns of education and teacher education, social sciences, engineering and technology, and educational policy and business education in the Asia Pacific Rim.

3. University of Santo Tomas

Hosted Journals

  • The Asian Journal of English Language Studies is the official journal of the Department of English of UST, It is a peer-reviewed journal that aims to provide current literature to those concerned with research in the realm of English language studies and English language teaching and learning, either as a second or a foreign language.

  • The Journal of Social Health is an independent open-access journal founded in 2017 by the researchers of the Social Health Studies Research Interest group of the UST Research Center. The journal has the primary goal of addressing the gap in publication avenues for the specialized researches conducted in the field of social health. 

  • Kritike: An Online Journal of Philosophy is the official open-access (OA) journal of the Department of Philosophy of the University of Santo Tomas (UST), Manila, Philippines. It is a Filipino, peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary, and international journal of philosophy founded in 2007 by a group of UST graduates. 

4. Ateneo De Manila Universities

Hosted Journals

  • Budhi: A Journal of Ideas and Culture is an international and peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal of philosophy that seeks to encourage creative and critical contemporary interpretations and appropriations of the history of ideas as well as theoretical constructions addressing contemporary culture and society.

  • Kritika Kultura is an open-access semi-annual peer-reviewed international electronic journal of literary, language, and cultural studies of the Department of English of the Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines.

  • Perspectives in the Arts and Humanities Asia is an international peer-reviewed journal that is multi-disciplinary in scope and features articles in literature, philosophy, theology, performance arts, visual arts, forms of media, and other related areas.

  • Landas: Journal of Loyola School of Theology” is the Filipino word for “way,” a Biblical term of venerable standing.  This is not the first time that a theological journal has chosen to call itself by this name.  

5. De La Salle University

Hosted Journals

  • The Asia-Pacific Education Researcher (TAPER) is an international refereed journal of original and innovative research in education.  It provides a venue for the publication of empirical and theoretical studies in education, with emphasis on the experiences of successful educational systems in the Asia-Pacific Region.

  • The Asia-Pacific Social Science Review (APSSR) aims to be a leading venue for authors seeking to share their data and perspectives on compelling and emerging topics in the social sciences with and to create an impact on, the region’s communities of academics, researchers, students, civil society, policymakers, development specialists, among others. 

  • Ideya: Journal of Humanities is a refereed journal publishing both scholarly articles on different fields in the humanities and creative works (poetry, fiction, drama, and nonfiction).

  • Malay Research Journal is a multi/interdisciplinary journal in the Filipino Studies of De La Salle University that is internationally refereed and abstracted, it is published twice a year under the management of De La Salle University Publishing House for De La Salle University.


1. ADB

Hosted Journals

  • Mapping Property Tax Reform in Southeast Asia – This report presents an analysis and recommendations to improve the efficiency of tax systems in developing Asia in mobilizing domestic resources to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.


Hosted Journals

  • Most new jobs temporary, poor quality — IBON – Research group IBON said the recently reported large increase in employment and a slight decrease in unemployment bring much-needed relief to millions of Filipinos who have been suffering worsening unemployment since the Duterte administration began. 


  • IBON debunks economic Cha-cha movers’ claims on FDI – The research group said that the economy’s development lies in using the protections in the Constitution to gain from foreign investment, not in taking away the protections and giving self-interested foreign investment free rein over the domestic economy. 


Hosted Journals

  • Children in Armed Conflict: Philippines – This report documents the processes and lessons learned from the successful implementation of the UN-Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) Action Plan to address the recruitment and use of children in armed conflict. 

You can also check PHILIPPINE E-JOURNALS, where most of the journals are indexed.


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