Learning More About Microsoft Sway


Have you ever heard of Microsoft Sway? This blog post provides an overview of what Sway can do. Learn more about Microsoft Sway by spending time reading this post and get enough knowledge on how to make an awesome and unique presentation.

Microsoft Sway

Sway is a web-based Microsoft Office tool that allows users to create interactive reports, presentations, personal stories, and more.

What is Sway – Office Sway Vision Video

Sign in to Start Creating

1. Go to sway.office.com and log in with your Microsoft account to use Sway online.

2. Select a template that corresponds with the presentation you want to make or select Create New to open blank Sway.

Get to Know the Sway Storyline

The storyline contains all of your Sway’s content, such as text, images, and videos. Sway will help you put your content into a cohesive layout and will give you an awesome output.

Start Creating your Storyline

1. Enter a title into the Title card

To add a Title card, click the Title your Sway placeholder text shown and then type a title of what your Storyline is all about.

2. Select Backgrounds to add a background image

To add Background, drag and drop an image or select from Sway’s suggested images/background.

3. Select the plus “+” button to add a new card.

Add content by adding a new card, just click the plus “+” button, and you will see option such as TextMedia, or Group


To add a photo to your presentation, just click the plus “+” button and select Image. You can drag and drop an image right onto your Storyline or just choose the suggested images.


To add text to your Storyline, just click the plus “+” button and select Text. 


To add video on your Storyline, just click the plus “+” button, select Media, and choose Video. You can choose among the suggested videos or upload a video directly from your computer.


Aside from Text, Image, and Video, you can also add Audio. To add audio, just click the plus “+” button, select Media, and choose Audio. You can upload an audio file or record directly on Sway.

Share Your Sway

Continue adding cards and content until you have completed your Sway. Once you’ve finished your Storyline, you can now publish it. This will create a unique URL for your presentation that you can share as a link via social or email.

Templates in Sway

Sway also offers built-in templates that you can use to make awesome presentations quickly. Start by choosing a template that is suited to your presentation.

1. Select the Design tab in the upper-left corner and then choose Styles in the upper-right corner.

2. Change the layout by choosing between VerticalHorizontal, and Slides. You can also Customize your Sway by selecting colors, typography, or textures.

3. Select the Remix button to let Sway change the layout and design for you. Keep selecting Remix to view more options.

Once you’ve finished, view and share your Sway.

Start from a Topic

Aside from creating from scratch or using Sway’s built-in templates, you can also create presentations by just entering a topic.

When you enter a topic, Sway will create an outline of slides, in PowerPoint, or an outline of cards in Sway from a topic.

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