Hooda Math, An Educational Math Game!


HoodaMath is a free online math games site. Founded by a middle school math teacher, Michael Edlavitch. Hooda Math offers more than 500 free math games that are played online by more than 3 million students a month.

This website offers creative and unique games that sharpen students’ math skills and understanding. Every game offered by Hooda Math is absolutely free, there are tons of great geometry, arithmetic, and logic games as well as video lectures that you can access through Hooda Math, and there are also few games that call for higher-order thinking skills which I personally love about the website. Hooda Math also has board games like checkers, mancala, and chess which is everyone’s pick.

Hooda Math focuses on 3 main math games categories for students ranging in age from 8-16 years old – with increasing levels of difficulty suited for all students’ learning needs and capabilities.

  • Geometry Games, which concept is to utilize the idea of geometric properties and relationships. These geometric games offered by Hooda Math help students develop a deeper understanding and a great way to practice mastery of complex geometric patterns and problems.
  • Arithmetic Games was also available on the Hooda Math website, these games could help students in developing skills and knowledge of numbers and operations. It also gives them the opportunity to apply that knowledge to some real-world situations.
  • Logic Games, which concept is to improve the skills of students’ ability in performing problem-solving, inductive and deductive reasoning, and the foundations of algebraic thinking.

Hooda Math is really a great recommendation considering that it focuses on the students’ Math skills and develop mastery in each category. Hooda Math is not just for entertainment but it also highlights the learning that may take place on every game offered. It was very convenient and accessible since it can be easily shared in google classroom which is relevant in today’s learning and teaching.

For more information about Hooda Math and its online educational video games Visit Hooda Math Website Here!


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