Introduction to Excel’s Data Analysis Tool for Elementary Statistical Analysis

This blog post covers an Introduction to Excel’ Data Analysis Tool, from installing and loading the Data Analysis ToolPak in Excel to the different Analyses applicable for Senior High School. Getting Started with the Excel’ Data Analysis Tool Load the Data Analysis ToolPak in Excel Step 1: Under the File tab, click on Options. Step 2: Click the Add-Ins category,…


10 Best Websites for Educators

Professional Development of teachers is an ongoing process, it includes training and practice, and it requires time and support to accomplish and acquire the professional development they need as an educator. They find resources and gather strategies to create a well-designed and friendly learning environment for their learners. They seek guidance from their peers and…


7 Cool Project Alternatives Using Microsoft Sway

Microsoft Sway Sway is a web-based Microsoft Office tool that allows users to create interactive reports, presentations, personal stories, and more. With Microsoft Sway’s built-in template and design, you can create and turn your simple presentation, personal stories, and other projects more interactively and engagingly. Continue browsing to know more about what Sway’s offer and provide to users. 1….

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