7 Things to Consider When Writing Your Research


One of the most difficult tasks of a student is to make a research paper, it requires time and perseverance to come up with a high-quality one. To help you create quality research, browse these 7 things to consider when writing your research paper.

1. Do not choose a topic that is out of personal interest

When choosing a topic for a research paper, always consider topics you are interested in or topics you are curious about. Since you have the freedom to choose, take that advantage and focus on topics that deeply interest you and give you the motivation to do the necessary research for it. Looking into something that doesn’t excite you can make the whole research process far from what you are trying to pursue, and you will likely regret it. 

2. Build a basic outline

Starting with a basic outline will help you organize your written ideas and thought in a logical order. It is essential in organizing key topics, subtopics, and supporting details. It will help you stay focused throughout the writing process, and help you clarify your thoughts, as well.

An outline will help you develop your research paper in a logical and coherent structure, it will also serve as your guide during your writing process.

3. Conduct preliminary research

Conducting preliminary research can help you narrow the scope and get specific detail of your topic, it will also help you focus on the distinct information you want.

Preliminary research should be a quick process, its purpose is to help you develop and refine your questions, as well as to address details on how your research study will be conducted.

4. Writing the first draft

In writing your first draft, choose to start with the part that you think will be easier for you to express your ideas as clear as possible. If you don’t know where to begin, use your outline to guide you while creating your first draft. If you think your draft still lacking information, do more research and gather relevant information about your topic.

5. Keep thoughts intact

In doing a research paper, you should keep your thought intact and focus on your topic only. Putting ideas and information unrelated to your topic can confuse and deliver misinformation to readers. Just stay on your topic and avoid adding ideas that have nothing to do with it, it is better to look for relevant studies to help you formulate and develop your thoughts and ideas concisely and correctly.

6. Write a compelling body paragraph

In writing the body paragraph of your research, you can use your research paper outline as your guide which will help you easily formulate ideas and properly organize your information to avoid misleading.

A body paragraph has composed of three major components, a topic sentence that expresses the main idea of the paragraph, supporting information or details which include concrete examples, and a conclusion or the summary sentence.

7. Proofreading

Proofreading research paper is important, it will help you review and evaluate your work, and will help you find and eliminate unnecessary errors made during your writing process. Proofreading is also a great way to improve consistency, as well as to ensure that your paper is well written, accurate, and easy to read.

When proofreading, you should include careful reading to determine if your research paper communicates well and effectively. You can also ask for help in proofreading your research paper to make it well structured and on point.

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