7 simple ways to do Investigatory Project


The student’s most common problem nowadays is their research paper or term paper that is part of their academic requirement. This article will give you a guide on doing your investigatory project, mainly in biology. Scientific Investigatory Project involves a scientific method in studying and testing an idea or concept on how it works. This Investigatory project involves the following:

1. Selecting a topic

This first step is significant in doing a research paper or an investigatory project. In choosing your topic, you should consider your interest or find something that interests you. It could be a problem in your community or even your school that you want to see an answer by doing a scientific investigation. You can also search on the internet or read books to reference what topic you want to research.

If you are doing an investigatory project about biology, you may select a topic about making fertilizer out of organic material.

2. Creating Question and Research title

Here on the second step, you have to think of a question related to your chosen topic. The question you will create is something that caught your attention, and you want to have an answer.

A sample research problem could be: “Can I make an effective fertilizer out of organic materials like an eggshell? Or Banana Peel?

You can also consider exploring other questions that you might want to answer, but make sure to use scientific inquiry. Questions or topics must be answered objectively, not by opinions only.

3. Designing the Experiments and Procedure

Since you want to find out if an organic material can be used as an effective fertilizer, you have to design the experiment to answer your research questions.

Writing the step-by-step procedure to be carried out is essential in doing the Investigatory project. Make sure to follow each procedure to test your product effectively. How you conduct the process is necessary.

In planning your experiment, the materials to be used must be considered. It is good if the materials needed are readily available and affordable.

4. Conduct the experiment

In conducting your experiment, you need to make sure that the step-by-step procedure is strictly followed. Since you are dealing with experiment, it is also necessary for an investigation to execute several times to ensure its validity. The recording of data is also significant. Even small changes made are crucial in experimenting. It keeps your experiment fair.

5. Writing the abstract

The abstract is a short explanation or summary of what your research is all about. In this part, it is necessary to clearly state your idea, including the hypothesis and how you tested it.

The abstract part is commonly limited to one page length. That’s why you need to focus on the purpose of your experiment, procedures, conclusion, and results, or any other possible application of your product.

6. Writing a Research paper

In writing your research paper, it should contain the following content:

1. Title Page – the title must be short and simple

2. Introduction – it includes general and specific objectives of the project.

3. Materials and Methods – it provides enough details of the procedure and the exact specification of materials to be used.

4. Results or Findings – it describes the details of observation in each set of experiments. The data should be discussed descriptively or, it can be summarized using the table and graphs.

5. Conclusion and Recommendation – The study’s implication will serve as the conclusion, and the recommendation consists of suggestions for future actions.

6. References – it includes the list of references used in doing the investigatory project. It can be from the internet, journals, books, and other connections that help you do your project.

The research paper is the formal document of your project. It is an essential component in the evaluation of your project. In writing a research paper, use guidelines or format given by your teachers to provide you with an idea and information as to what and how you will construct your research paper.

7. Creating Visuals Aid

Creating visual aid is necessary for the presentation of the Investigatory project. Your project’s results must be presented through a report or visual display so that the panel will easily understand what your presentation is all about. In doing this, collect pictures from your experiment or any other form of documentation that are relevant to your investigatory project.

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