7 Cool Project Alternatives Using Microsoft Sway


Microsoft Sway

Sway is a web-based Microsoft Office tool that allows users to create interactive reports, presentations, personal stories, and more.

With Microsoft Sway’s built-in template and design, you can create and turn your simple presentation, personal stories, and other projects more interactively and engagingly. Continue browsing to know more about what Sway’s offer and provide to users.

1. Newsletter

With Microsoft Sway, you can create digital newsletters with a professional look and spend less time producing them. Microsoft Sway offers built-in templates and themes which serve as your guide and outline in creating your newsletters. Microsoft Sway provides space to create an internal newsletter that can be used for both personal and professional purposes.


2. Blogs

With Microsoft Sway, you can create and produce your own web blogs or diary entries with a little effort. Sway provides themes and templates for blog posts and projects which is a great help for those who struggle organizing their blogs. Sway offers a variety of ways to present your blog content. Sway will help you organize photos as well as text in a professional way.

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3. Interactive Report

Sway provides built-in themes and templates which help students create an interactive report easily. Sway will help you organize your reports, create your own references and notes, and add quotations to make your work more presentable and attract more readers.

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4. Personal Stories

With Sway, you can tell and share your personal stories more engagingly. Sway will help you combine your photos, text, and other multimedia to tell your personal stories. Sway’s built-in design works to combine your text with other multimedia content and deliver great results.

5. Presentation

With Sway, you can create a professional-looking presentation for school as well for business and other matters. Sway’s built-in template and themes for presentation will help you organize your topic interactively and engagingly. Sway’s built-in designs serve as your outline and guide in making your presentation. Sway’s professional-looking template will help you capture the audience’s attention, and professionally deliver your output.

6. Photo Collection and Collage

Microsoft Sway provides an engaging way to showcase your photography, art, and design portfolio. Sway’s design engine takes effort to format your content and images by doing professional design in minutes, automatic alignment and cropping content as needed.

7. Resume

With Microsoft Sway, you can make your own professional profile or resume in which you can add a description of yourself, your website link, email address, as well as your skills and abilities. You can also add and showcase your gallery of works which add sense to your resume.

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