5 Interactive Assessment Tools for Teachers


The regular face-to-face class suddenly turns into a virtual course in this pandemic, leading to several adjustments in our education system. Here are the common questions that we often see and hear from the news about every teacher’s concern which is not expert to do and conduct exams online. How will they assess if the students will stay at home and use gadgets in attending their class? How can we engage our students to participate in our class actively and answer their tasks? This article will give you an idea about five interactive online assessment tools effective for your classes.

1. Kahoot

Kahoot is a game-based online learning platform which can be used in school or other educational institution. This assessment tool can assess students’ knowledge by generating multiple choice questions, open-ended, puzzles, and true or false. Kahoot can be played through a different web browser and mobile devices.

A multiple-choice question requires a question with at least two options. One of the choices must be marked as the correct answer. For the open-ended type question, the players must type in the correct answer to get points. Last is the puzzle-type question, and it requires the player to align the four options in order, which the teacher set as the correct answer.

Kahoot is one of the best online assessment tools because students will be engaged in answering because the game requires them to frequently look up to their devices to choose the answer they want to select. At the end of the game, three players who achieve the highest points will be appearing as winners.

2. Nearpod

Nearpod is an online platform that takes presentation and your assessment to a whole new level. Also, it merges formative assessment and dynamic media for collaborative learning experiences.

Using Nearpod’s interactive lessons for all K-12 grades and subjects, students will be engaged one-to-one by synchronizing lessons across all student devices even at home and get real-time feedback on their comprehension. In Nearpod, you have many choices about what type of test you will administer to them. These are the following:

Time to climb where the students see their progress every after the question they will answer.

Open-ended question wherein you will post your question and every student can respond in a paragraph form.

Quiz, wherein you can do the multiple-choice type of question and a true or false.

Matching pair and Memory test where students fit terms or pictures to their correct pair set as the right answer.

Draw it allows the student to draw or illustrate their answer.

Polls wherein you can put questions just like asking for a survey.

Fill in the blank where the students must complete the sentence set by dragging the words inside the box.

3. Quizziz

Quizziz can be used in class group works, pre-test reviews, exams, and unit tests. It allows the students to actively participate in the discussion since the teacher and students can be online simultaneously.

Quizziz uses a quiz-style teaching and learning method where the students answer the questions independently and compete with others on the same quiz; that’s why this assessment tool helps in engaging the student to participate.

The good thing about Quizziz is that it can be open or used on any electronic device like a laptop, ipads, and smartphone. It is also used to check if the students know your topic, and teachers can also assign homework here.

4. Mentimeter

Mentimeter is an interactive presentation and assessment tool that allows the teachers to engaged their students in real-time. Education templates for the classroom include listening skills assessment, formative assessments, surveys, and polls.

Users can use Gmail to sign up since most of them are using google mails. It has a free version that allows us to create and host live quizzes either from the template it provides or our work. It can help most teachers to strike a balance between information and interaction.

5. Socrative

Socrative is an interactive digital tool that allows the teachers to create a quiz, grade, and assess the student’s learning speed. Since this tool gives instant feedback, the teachers can easily see or monitor where students are missing a concept and adjust it accordingly.

Using this tool, you can create polls and activities and shuffle questions with or without attaching the student’s name. Like Mentimeter, it’s free of use, and it works on different electronic devices like smartphones, laptops, or tablets. Its features are very simple that enable the teacher and student to use this in class. 

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