5 Cool Things About Adobe Spark


Everyone wants to tell and share stories in a very captivating way, they want to make it different, unique, and full of substance. By this blog post, you can turn your simple stories, presentations, and projects into wonderful and stunning outcomes.

What is Adobe Spark?

Adobe SparkΒ is an integrated web and mobile solution that enables everyone to easily create social graphics, web pages, and impactful visual stories.

Meet Adobe Spark

Ready to know the 5 Cool Things about Adobe Spark? Let’s start with its three featured tools;

1. Spark Post

Adobe Spark Post is one of the featured tools of Adobe Spark, which allows you to create an amazing and stunning post, from Instagram and Facebook posts to Photo collage and graphics.

With Adobe Spark Post, you can add multiple images into one graphics, create posters for school projects, as well as create images for social media. In creating posts using Spark Post, you can start from scratch or use available graphics and templates.

Adobe Spark Post can be created via web apps on Chromebook, Macs, and Windows, it is also available on iOS and Android Devices.

2. Spark Page

Adobe Spark Page is a web page builder that helps you create and tell your story in a very compelling way. This is a great tool to highlight and showcase your works, and with its variety of layouts, you can make your own web page even without design skills.

Adobe Spark Page provides space that allows everyone to create their own portfolio, presentations, as well as photo galleries which is ideal for projects. Spark Page enables anyone to develop a webpage in a professional-looking way, it has customizable features and numerous professional templates.

Adobe Spark Page can be created via web apps on Chromebook, Macs, and Windows, it is also available on iOS.

Here’s a tutorial on how to create a professional-looking web page.

3. Spark Video

Adobe Spark Video is an online video making software that allows users to create unique and stunning videos for school projects, business projects, as well as for personal use.

Adobe Spark Video enables users to personalize their video by adding text, music, images, and icons which can be shared via email and custom webpage. Spark Video has motion graphic themes that are available on Adobe After Effect in which allow users to add effects, animation design, and create cinematic movie titles.

Adobe spark video has watermarks, if you want to remove it and put your own branding, you can upgrade your account to premium, this will let you access more features and a variety of beautiful templates.

Adobe Spark Video can be created via web apps on Chromebook, Macs, and Windows, it is also available on iOS.

Aside from Spark Post, Spark Page, and Spark Video, Adobe Spark also allows users to create branded content using “Adobe Spark Brand,” and make an awesome presentation and projects using “Adobe Spark Templates“.

4. Adobe Spark Brand

Adobe Spark allows user to create their own brand using the “Adobe Spark Brand,” Spark Brand will help you customize your brand by looking for templates which you can use to begin your project.

In creating your brand, upload your current logo into the Spark Brand, choose colors and fonts that you think fits your project. To continue making your brand, you’ll need to login into a paid account, either a paid Creative Cloud license or an account that has purchased Adobe Spark. After you’ve finished making your brand, Spark will then auto-generate and your brand will be automatically placed on new templates.

5. Adobe Spark Templates

Adobe Spark has a lot of great and professional-looking templates to get you started creating. Adobe Spark templates will help you organize your content creatively and effectively. You can choose different templates that fit your project or presentation, from social graphics and web pages to short videos.

You can browse a variety of templates for an announcement, banner, bingo card, brochure, calendar, cards, certificate, flyer, invitation, and many more.

To access all these cool things about Adobe Spark, start by creating an account on spark.adobe.com.

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