15 Tips to Turn Your Poor Online Class Experience into Something Amazing


While some students are doing their best to cope with this sudden shift, others continue to seek solutions to poor online class.

Numerous things contribute to a poor online class, things that need to be considered, and things that are unavoidable. This blog post will help you turn your poor online class into something amazing.

1. Time Management

One of the things that contribute to successful online learning is having effective time management. Planning ahead of time will help you balance your hectic schedule and manage your time effectively. Making a to-do list at the beginning of each day is a useful strategy to help you stay focused and reduce stress during online classes.

2. Actively Participate

Actively participate in your online classes to help you reduce boredom and to have a better understanding of the course materials. Asking questions, making comments, and sharing thoughts are signs of participating actively and engaging self in the learning process. It will also help you to have a better connection with your teachers and fellow classmates.

3. Study Ahead of Time

Studying ahead of time is the smartest thing to do. Equipping yourself with a broader knowledge has a greater chance of self engagement. Reading and understanding your course materials ahead of time will help you become more productive during your online classes, and you can be more actively engaged with lessons to which you have already been introduced.

4. Create a Better Study Space and Stay Organized

Designate yourself a study space, look for a comfortable, quiet, and far from any distractions. Keep your desk and study area clean and organized, store your school materials near you, designate specific folders for different classes to find them easily when needed, and make sure to have sufficient lightings whenever you are having an online class, lighting will allow you to see clearly, and support your vision.

5. Note-Taking

Some students takedown notes using pen and paper while others prefer to do it digitally. Taking down notes is a great help to capture main ideas quickly, this will also help you recall them later on. Your notes will serve as your guide during your online classes, that’s why it is necessary to write down important ideas to help you communicate clearly and make a better connection with your teacher and classmates.

6. Get used to Technology

Before your online classes, make sure you have all the right apps, software, and technology that you need. Getting used to technology will help you improve your engagement, collaboration, and productivity. Testing the technologies you used beforehand will save you from awkward moments and technical difficulties.

7. Eliminate Distractions

Stay focused and eliminate distractions. Social media, texting, and television are some of the things that easily distracted students from staying focused. Managing these distractions can sometimes be hard and challenging but keep in mind that you have goals to achieve, and these things can wait once you’ve finished your works.

8. Dress Properly and Appropriately

Wearing proper and appropriate clothes during online classes will help you feel comfortable and presentable. Even taking classes at home, you should still dress nicely throughout the duration of the class to show dedication and grooming to your teacher as well as the rest of the class.

9. Stable Connection

An unstable internet connection contributes to a poor online class experience. Having poor connection hinder online learning, make sure to look for a stable connection or looks for some alternatives that will help you stay connected.

10. Take Breaks

Trying to be productive all the time when you’re exhausted can be incredibly difficult. You should still take a break and get enough time to rest. Taking breaks will help you refresh and refocus, this is a great way to help you become more productive once you take your next online class.

11. Do Things That Prevent Burnout

Doing things like meeting your friends virtually or reaching out to those closest to you will help you prevent burnout. After a long tiring day listening and making school works, you should look for things that will leave your negative thoughts and help you regain your sense of purpose and control.

12. Maintain your Routine

Keeping a routine can be helpful at any time, especially when you are trying to accomplished things in time. Maintaining your routine can add structure and a sense of predictability to your day. This will also help you to not waste time thinking about what’s next thing to do because you already established your priorities and you can just focus on your online classes.

13. Turn in Assignments Early

Finishing a paper or turning in an assignment a few days or weeks earlier will completely help you eliminate that growing pressure and stress. There are so many things that can go wrong, especially when dealing with a poor connection that’s why you need to make sure to turn it in early as you can.

14. Don’t Multitask

A lot of students multitask while working on schoolwork, whether they’re doing a school project or studying for an upcoming exam. Multi-tasking may harm students’ brain, it can result in poor retention, and considered as a distraction. Multi-tasking is also one of the reasons why a lot of students experience a poor online class because their focus is being divided and there is less tendency of learning.

15. Reward yourself

Giving yourself a reward after accomplishing your goals during the day is a great way to stay motivated and stay focused.

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