10 YT Channels to Boost Your Speaking Confidence


Not everyone is born a great speaker, other people need to develop it over time, and some people just naturally seem to have it. If you are wondering how to boost your speaking confidence, browse these 10 YouTube channels which are surely a great pick when talking about improving your speaking confidence and communication skills.

1. Communication Coach Alex Lyon

About YouTuber

Coach Alex Lyon is a communication coach based in the US. His content is on leadership and communication skills. He provides training that aims to help leaders and business professionals improve their communication skills and develop speaking confidence.

Visit Coach Alex Lyon’s YouTube Channel Here!

2. Skillopedia – Skills for the real world

About YouTuber

Skillopedia is a YouTube channel that will help you sound more confident in speaking and communicating. She also has videos on self-improvement and personal development.

Visit Skillopedia’s YouTube Channel Here!

3. Helena Daily English

About YouTuber

Helena Daily English YouTube channel provides daily English conversation with a subtitle that you can study and apply in everyday situations. This YouTube channel will help you develop your communication skills through watching and become familiar with the language by reading which is a great help in boosting your speaking confidence.

Visit Helena Daily English YouTube Channel Here!

4. Success Wheels

About YouTuber

Success Wheels YouTube channel is a platform crafted to build a strong foundation for public speaking, communication, and presentation. Success Wheels strive to hold your hand in your journey of effective public speaking and will undertake every measure to make you communicate confidently.

Visit Success Wheels YouTube Channel Here!

5. Speak Confident English

About YouTuber

Speak Confident English share strategies, skills, and resources so you can get the English fluency and confidence you need to become a better speaker.

Visit Speak Confident English YouTube Channel Here!

6. Team Lyqa

About YouTuber

Coach Lyqa Maravilla, RPm is an online educator, a motivational speaker, and an author. She provides content that will help you speak English fluently and effectively. She teaches English grammar which is great for developing your communication skills.

Visit Team Lyqa’s YouTube Channel Here!

7. Rea Ninja

About YouTuber

Rea Ninja YouTube channel will help and guide you to speak confidently, she gives advice and tips on how to learn and speak English. She also has videos about interacting with people and applying for jobs.

Visit Rea Ninja’s YouTube Channel Here!

8. mmmEnglish

About YouTuber

According to Emma, the owner of the mmmEnglish YouTube channel, her YouTube was created to help you to speak confident English. Her videos are about tips and advice to create more self-confidence and English fluency.

Visit mmmEnglish YouTube Channel Here!

9. TEDx Talks

About YouTuber

A TEDx Talk is a showcase for speakers presenting great, well-formed ideas in under 18 minutes. They feature a variety of talks which can be a great guide in developing and boosting your speaking confidence.

Visit TEDx Talks YouTube Channel Here!

10. English with Kim

About YouTuber

English with Kim is a YouTube channel which content is about communicating clearly and confidently. Her videos will help you convey your message with a clearer tone and meaning.

Visit English with Kim’s YouTube Channel Here!

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