10 YouTube Channels to Subscribe to if You Are Having Trouble with College Math


Having trouble with your College Mathematics? or looking for resources that will help you practice your college math skills? then look no further than these 10 YouTube Channels that will help you develop and improve your Mathematics skills. These YouTube channels provide tons of great videos of Math concepts and principles that will help you better understand Math and master your skills.

1. Brian McLogan


Brian McLogan is an instructor who provides a variety of college Math video tutorials that aims to help students better understand Math and improve their skills through practical applications and tips. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Education and Math in 2007 and started his YouTube channel in August 2010.

His setting is on a normal classroom where he uses a whiteboard and he has real audiences which are his students. He teaches everything from Algebra 1 to Calculus, and all his Math video tutorials are organized into playlists.

Aside from his YouTube Channel, he also offers multiple courses on Udemy which aims to take students’ learning to the next level. His Math courses include practice sheets and quizzes to help students master math skills.

2. Mario’s Math Tutoring


Mario DiBartolomeo earned his degree in Math Education from the University of Michigan, Mario’s Math tutoring YouTube channel takes students’ learning to the next level. He provides video tutorials on topics, Precal, Calculus, Algebra, Trigonometry, and many more. He aims to help those students who don’t understand some math concepts and those students who want to master and improve their math skills.

Mario’s Math tutoring provides quality Math videos and offers online tutoring to 6th-12th grades as well as to college students. He customized tutoring sessions based on students’ individual needs.

Aside from his YouTube Channel, Mario offers free and paid products on Teachers Pay Teachers, product includes Beginner and Intermediate worksheets, study guides, test prep, and lectures.

3. Professor Leonard


Professor Leonardo is a Professor of Mathematics who creates and provides Math videos and full-length courses on his YouTube channel. His goal is to create videos that cover the whole spectrum of Mathematics.

Professor Leonardo’s YouTube channel aims to help students learn Math and master skills at a high level. He organized his Math videos into a playlist which is a great help for students if they wanted to start at the very bottom. He has a variety of tutorial videos on Precal, Calculus, Prealgebra, and Intermediate Algebra.

4. MySecretMathTutor


My Secret Math Tutor is a YouTube channel dedicated to free online math tutorials. They provide a wide variety of College Math videos (Precal and Calculus) that helps students build a deeper understanding on math concept especially, Calculus.

My Secret Math Tutor focuses on Calculus topics like limits, derivatives, and integrals. They provide video lectures, practice problems, and notes that are very helpful for a college student’s who struggle to learn Calculus and also for those who want to practice and master Calculus skills.

5. patrickJMT


PatrickJMT is a Math YouTube channel that provides thousands of Math video tutorials covering nine topic areas: Algebra, Arithmetic, Calculus, Differential Equations, Discrete Math, Linear Algebra, Probability and Statistics, Trigonometry, and Miscellaneous. PatrickJMT creates tons of supplemental Mathematics videos that aim to help students learn and understand Mathematics as clearly as possible.

PatrickJMT’s Math channel was designed to give concise and clear explanations of the Math concept and principle in an approachable manner. He also offers six courses at courses.com, including Calculus, Differential Equation, Linear Algebra, Multivariable Calculus, SAT Math Primer, as well as Sequence and Series.

6. 3Blue1Brown


3Blue1Brown is a Math YouTube channel created by Grant Sanderson. His YouTube channel focuses on higher Mathematics, like Linear Algebra, Calculus, and Differential Equations. He also provides videos on Neural Networks and Physics. 3Blue1Brown YouTube channel is a combination of math and entertainment, depending on your disposition.

7. Khan Academy


Khan Academy YouTube channel provides a wide variety of topics including Mathematics, Khan Academy aims to help students learn math concepts from basic to higher math. They produce quality videos which serve as an online tutor and resources for some students who find difficulty in learning and understanding Math concept.

Khan Academy is also a non-profit website that supports teachers and students to fill in gaps in teaching and learning. Its mission is to provide free, world-class education to meet the needs of every student around the world.

8. Fort Bend Tutoring


Fort Bend Tutoring YouTube channel provides free online math tutorials for Mathematics (Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Precalculus, and calculus), topics are broken down by playlist. FBT also provides private one-on-one math tutorials, as well as group math tutorial sessions.

Aside from YouTube Channel, they also offer other additional free and paid services that are all accessible at their website Tutormemath.net. Tutormemath.net also offers math tutors to help students with their individual needs.

9. Eddie Woo


Eddie Woo is a Mathematics teacher and a school head, he creates his own YouTube channel and started filming his classroom lessons for an ill student, he then gained international attention because of those simple videos of classroom lessons. Eddie Woo also aims to help students develop understanding and improve skills in Mathematics.

His YouTube channel, “Wootube” has more than 1M subscribers, he provides video lessons on Random Variables, Angle Relationship, Application of Calculus to Mechanics, as well as Basic Algebra techniques.

10. Don’t Memorise


Don’t Memorise is a YouTube channel that brings learning to life through its captivating educational videos including Math videos. Their team provides video tutorials on Statistics, Trigonometry, and Algebra. Don’t Memorise help student master math skills and build deeper understanding on some math concept through their bite-sized and engaging video lessons.

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  1. Thank you for this information! It gives me an idea of other channels to subscribe to. I will try to check it later. Actually, I used to watch PatrickJMT videos during my college days. It helps me a lot to prepare for my examinations.

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