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Professional Development of teachers is an ongoing process, it includes training and practice, and it requires time and support to accomplish and acquire the professional development they need as an educator. They find resources and gather strategies to create a well-designed and friendly learning environment for their learners. They seek guidance from their peers and collaborate with other educators to help them meet students’ learning needs as well as to fully develop their professional needs.

Any professional development opportunity should be both beneficial for educators and their learners, browse these 10 best website that aims to help educators take their step to meet their individual professional development.

1. Microsoft Education

Microsoft Education conducts online training such as courses, learning paths, webinars, and online events that support Educators in bringing new skills to the classroom and earn professional development.

Microsoft Education provides standard-based lesson plans that support teachers building inquiry and project-based activities, they also provide lesson plans that promote collaboration and creativity in an immersive digital environment.

Mircosoft Education provides a variety of programs that are designed to prepare educators as well as pre-service teachers in integrating technology in teaching and help them create an environment that empowers students to be creative learners and be equipped with the right knowledge on technology.

Microsoft Education provides products that are designed to help educators focus on delivering a personalized learning experience with the use of technology. They also have more than 180 resources that benefit both educators and learners.

2. Edthena

Edthena is an online platform for online collaboration and coaching for educators. Edthena allows educators and coaches to collaborate through videos of classroom teaching, they can record their lessons and securely upload and share those videos with coaches and peers to get immediate feedback on their teaching strategy, delivery, and other matters. Edthena also allows educators to attach files like handouts and lesson plans to their videos of classroom teaching, they can include activities and assessments as part of their video lesson.

Educators can personally choose who is allowed to access and view their video lessons. Edthena helps educators monitor their individual growth in their performance through interactive data visualization. Edthena shows a lot of potential benefits for educators, and it is also accessible on all android mobile devices and iOS.

3. Common Sense Education

Common Sense Education is an online platform that is created to help educators build students’ digital citizenship skills to fully participate in their communities and be able to find the most appropriate media and technology to use in teaching and learning. Common Sense Education supports educators with training and recognition.

Common Sense Education provides ready-to-teach lessons and a variety of digital citizenship lesson plans which aims to address the needs of the students and take ownership of their digital lives. Common Sense Education provides resources such as a digital citizenship implementation guide, classroom posters, toolkits by topic, classroom videos, and many more.

Common Sense Education provides EdTech tools for all subjects and grade levels that aims to help educators address their students’ need in terms of media and technology. Common Sense Education allows educators to find EdTech tools appropriate for assessment, instructional design, media literacy, productivity, as well as professional learning. They also have EdTech videos and provides teaching strategies on how to successfully integrate technology into the classroom.

4. Discovery Education

Discovery Education helps educators with professional development solutions and delivers high-quality education. Discovery Education provides programs including Math, Science, Professional Learning, and many more. Educators are packaged with instructional strategies which is a great help in opening doorways to learning with real-world curriculum resources.

Discovery Education provides high-quality resources that enable educators to engage their students in hybrid learning. Discovery Education experience is a learning platform that provides curated high-quality content, unique collaboration tools, and professional learning resources that allow educators to make an impactful learning experience.

5. Edutopia

Edutopia is a website produced by the George Lucas Education Foundation which focuses on the six core learning strategies. Edutopia provides topics including assessment, integrated studies, teacher development, and many more. The topics featured are essential to educators, they can gain knowledge and have a deeper understanding of the teaching concerns, strategy, and process. They can explore elements of effective professional development which is both vital for educators and student success.

Edutopia aims to transform K-12 education so that all learners effectively acquire and apply the knowledge and skills into their studies as well as careers. Edutopia provides the information and community connection for this new world of learning.

Edutopia provides a variety of videos to help educators in their teaching needs and to create a well-designed learning environment for students. Edutopia videos are both beneficial for educators and learners, they give tips and advice on how to build and create a friendly learning environment and engage students in successful learning.

6. BetterLesson

BetterLesson is a website and a professional development platform that empower and support educators at all levels of their practice and encourage growth so that they can guide and prepare students to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world.

BetterLesson provides personalized ongoing support for educators so thay they are able to create a learning environment where students can drive their own learning and develop the personal agency they need to succeed. BetterLesson Professional Learning is designed for collaboration and action oriented which goal is to meet the needs of individual teachwers and students.

BetterLesson provides services such as flexible learning, instructional coaching, design workshop, and many more. BetterLesson services support educators to build the essential skills of flexible and student-centered learning through one on one or small group formats. They also provide lesson plans and instructional strategies that are ready to use and include step-by-step guidance to help educators professionally grow in their practice.

7. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a nonprofit website that aims to empower educators to identify gaps in their student’s learning, meet the needs of every student and better understand what students are up to and how best to help them.

Khan Academy empowers educators to support their entire classroom, it allows them to find standards-aligned content and enables them to track student progress. Khan Academy is beneficial for both educators and students, they can build a deeper understanding of every lesson or subject and practice at their own pace. Khan Academy provides lessons that are created by experts, they produce quality videos of teaching lessons which help educators and students gain tips and strategies in teaching and learning.

8. TeachThought

TeachThought is an online platform that helps educators design and delivers professional learning that is highly interactive and relevant to their context. TeachThought provides individual online workshops as well as school workshops that help and enable educators to grow and sustain quality teaching.

TeachThought is one of the best platforms for learning innovations, they provide resources, models, and frameworks that guide educators to grow and acquire professional development. TeachThought also showcases remote teaching and learning, they produce contents that focuses on how to make remote teaching easier and explain the difference between synchronous and asynchronous learning.

9. OER Commons

OER Commons is an online library that allows educators to access open education resources. OER Commons provides a flexible environment to collaborate and discuss resources with others. OER Professional learning programs support educators to gain the necessary skills required to adapt and evaluate high-quality open materials. The OER Common workshop aims to develop a “common” mindset among educators.

OER Commons provides a variety of resources for all subject areas such as Applied Science, Mathematics, English Language Arts, etc., they also have different material types including lesson plans, modules, syllabus, and many more.

10. Tech and Learning

Tech and Learning is a website that supports K-12 educators in integrating technology into the classroom to enhance students’ learning experience. They conduct events and webinars for educators to successfully understand technology tools and provide programs that include professional development content and timely information regarding the development in K-12 education technology.

Tech and Learning provide news and resources which help educators find ways to successfully integrate technology into the classroom, and gain strategies and techniques to meet the needs of their students.

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